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Citizen summit on climate change adaptation in Kalundborg, March 5th, 2011

Saturday the 5th of March 2011, 350 citizens from Kalundborg Municipality attended the citizen summit to debate local climate change adaptation  and to prioritize and pass on their recommendations to the City Council of Kalundborg. The citizen summit contained presentations, debates in small groups and individual voting. The results of the summit will be an important input when the City Council of Kalundborg is to pass the climate change adaptation strategy later this year.

Preparation for climate change
The global climate changes make local changes in precipitation, flood patterns, storm surges and rising sea level that affect Kalundborg Municipality in different ways and many houses, summer cottages and arable areas are increasingly at risk of being flooded. It is important that both citizens and the municipality are prepared for the changes. The City Council of Kalundborg has been keen to get inputs from the citizens on how to plan for a changing climate.

Participating citizen
An invitation to the citizen summit has been sent to 7000 randomly selected citizens of the municipality. Out of the many people whom responded positively to the invitation 500 where selected to make the representation of different areas, age groups and gender as close to the composition of the total inhabitants of the municipality as possible. Politicians, civil servants and university students participated as moderators at the group tables to ensure a better debate.

Here are the results of the citizen summit
Here is the analysis of results from the citizen summit.

The process leading up to the citizen summit
In the autumn of 2009 the Danish Board of Technology and Kalundborg Municipality hosted two scenario workshops  where different local actors and stakeholders where invited to discuss various future scenarios for climate change adaptation. These early participatory processes have been very conducive for the planning of the citizens’ summit where they have contributed with both inspiration and direction.


Embedded video:



Two videos illustrate sea level rise scenarios around the centre of Kalundborg

and in the south-western part of Kalundborg