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UBC Environmental Bulletin

No. 2/2011: Implementing Baltic Sea Region strategy



No. 1/2011: Inspiring local level decisions - steer innovative cities


No. 2/2010
: Quality of Life in Baltic Cities


No. 1/2010: Making socially sustainable decisions about climate adaptation


No. 2/2009: Improving the state of the baltic sea


No. 1/2009: Active stakeholder involvement in UBC Cities




”Baltic Tourism – Regional Impacts of Climate Change and Adaptation Measures”, 5/2011 Bergen, Norway
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“Climate change and Tourism - German Baltic coast" for the annual conference "research group of marine and coastal geography", 4/2010 Hallig Hooge

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BaltCICA poster at the Longlife 2010- International Conference, St. Petersburg 24.6.2010
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Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region.

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Poster about the case study areas in Denmark presented by Klaus Hinsby (GEUS) at the IARU Climate Change Congress, Copenhagen, 10th to 12th March 2009.

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BaltCICA poster (in German) presented at the conference "Küstenmanagement und Klimawandel: Status Quo", 5th and 6th October 2010, Rostock-Warnemünde

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“Climate Change Adaptation for Mecklenburg – Western Pomerania – Intermediate case study results”, Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference 30th November and 1st December 2010, Jyväskylä, Finland
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Coastal and MarineE-News No 1/2010 (EN)

EUCC Coastal and MarinE-News No 1-2009 (EN)

EUCC Coastal and MarinE-News No 5-2009 (EN)

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Flyer ”Our climate is changing - Urban adaptation strategy for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area”

Official BaltCICA leaflet

EUCC-D Media flyer (EN)

EUCC-D Jellyfish Information flyer (DE)



BaltCICA: Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region – Climate change adaptation put into practice. Download brochure (ENG)

EUCC Coastal & Marine Magazine Climate Change No 2/2009 (EN)

EUCC Coastal & Marine Magazine EUCC Activities No 3,4/2009 (EN)
EUCC Coastal & Marine Magazine Coastal Climate Change - Protecting and adapting maritime regions No 3/2011 (EN)
Meer & Küste "Ostsee im Wandel" No. 2/2010




P. Schmidt-Thome & J. Klein, 2013. Climate Change adaptation in practice. Earth & Environmental Sciences, Wiley-Blackwell. PDF

M. Boettle, J. P. Kropp, L. Reiber, O. Roithmeier, D. Rybski, and C. Walther, 2011. About the influence of elevation model quality and small-scale damage functions on flood damage estimation, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 3327-3334 PDF


Schernewski, Gerald; Hofstede, Jacobus; Neumann, Thomas (Eds.), 2011. Global Change and Baltic Coastal Zones, Coastal Research Library, Vol. 1. Springer order at from the book:

Störmer, O.. Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Waters of the Baltic Sea
Schmidt-Thomé, P., Klein, J.. Applying Climate Change Adaptation in Spatial Planning Processes
Schernewski, G.. Adaptation to Climate Change: Viniculture and Tourism at the Baltic Coast

"Klimawandel an der deutschen Ostseeküste - ein Thema für den regionalen Tourismussektor?"/, 4/2010 PDF (DE)


EUCC-D Coastline Reports 13 International approaches of coastal research in theory and practice PDF (EN, DE)


EUCC-D article Climate change impacts on the German Baltic Tourism - Examples of internatinal and national adaptation strategies PDF (DE)


Climate Change Impacts (Background Studies)


Assessment scheme for water quality and flood sensitivity along rivers
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Ground water conditions and water suply in the future, the Santalaranta waterworks in Hanko (Pohjavesiolosuhteet ja vedenhankinta tulevaisuudessa Hangon Santalanrannan vedenottamon alueella)
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Climate change impacts on groundwater levels and hydro-chemical composition in Klaipeda District
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Bergen Climate Change Impact Scenarios – Sea Level Rise
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Climate is changing in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area- Background studies for the Adaptation Strategy
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Climate information and scenarios for the Helsinki Metropolitan area
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Climate change impacts on groundwater levels and hydro-chemical composition in Klaipeda District
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Background information for the upcoming Karkle beach detailed infrastructure in Klaiped District
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Adaptation Options


Climate Change in Cities and City Regions – Documentation of the BaltCICA Summer School 2011 at HafenCity University Hamburg
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Documentation for the climate change adaptation feasibility study in the county Pinneberg
Download report(DE, with English summary)


Asssessing the success and efficiency of instruments for the implementation of adaptation, Diego Rybski & Markus Wrobel.
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EUCC-D field report Working with regional coastal tourism stakeholders bringing closer climate change adaptation
Download report (7/2010)


Ostseetourismus in Zeiten des Klimawandels 6.10.2009 in Warnemünde. Report of the workshop
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Governance of Climate Change Adaptation: Policy Review. Lasse Peltonen, Sirkku Juhola and Philipp Schuster
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BaltCICA Common methodological approach
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Possible mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change impacts on Smelte river flooding events in Klaipeda
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Possible mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change impacts on Smelte river flooding events in Klaipeda
Download report (Lithuanian summary)


Possible mitigation and adaptation measures for climate change impacts on Smelte river flooding events in Klaipeda
Download report (Lithuanian full report)


Best practice examples for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region and North Sea Region
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Analysis of results from citizen summit on climate change adaptation in Kalundborg on the 5th of March 2011
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Cost-Benefit Assessment and MCDA


Adaptation to sea level rise: Manual for a systematised cost-benefit assessment, exemplified by the case study Kalundborg, Markus Böttle & Diego Rybski
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Scenario Workshops and Scenarios


Klimatilpasning – involvering af interessenter og borgere i beslutningsprocesser.
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Climate Change Adaptation – involving stakeholders and citizens in decision making.
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Climate change and sea level rise in the Helsinki Metropolitan area - workshop on socio-economic future scenarios  – Report of the BaltCICA workshop in Helsinki, 8.6.2010
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Klimawandel und Klimaanpassung in der Metropolregion Hamburg Szenarioworkshop zur Siedlungs- und Flächenentwicklung im Raum der Tideelbe
Download report (in German)


Adaptation to Climate Change – Future Visions and Policy Recommendations for the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, outcomes of the scenario workshop Climate change in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg
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Four future scenarios for the Hanko case study
Download report  (FI)


Three future scenarios for the Kalunborg case study
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Manual for scenario workshops
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Final Report


BaltCICA: Climate change impacts, costs and adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region

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Potential flood prone areas in West Estonia by the end of the 21st century

Scenario of coastal processes in Estonia by the end of the century

Potential impacts of sea level rise on the groundwater in the west Estonian coastal zone

Map of the case study area in Kalundborg Municipality

Contour level map for the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg

Hotspot areas in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg