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BaltCICA book publication

The results of the BaltCICA project have been peer reviewed and published in a Wiley & Blackwell book titled "Climate Change adaptation in practice". The book focuses on the overall achievements of the project, and displays some international approaches on climate change adaptation.

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BaltCICA Final Report

The first version of the final report is now available for download.
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BaltCICA Summer School “Climate Change in Cities and City Regions”
The documentation of the BaltCICA Summer School 2011 is now available.

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Climate Change Adaptation in Practice, 3rd International BaltCICA Conference
The questions addressed dealt with the changes in precipitation and flood patterns as well as rising sea levels the Baltic Sea Region is facing. As coastal urban areas continue to grow, tourism is an important and growing economical factor, and nature and natural resources are to be protected, this leads to new challenges: How to safeguard drinking water availability and quality? How to manage riverine and coastal floods? How to design new urban areas and how to retrofit existing ones?

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Climate change adaptation put into practice

A brochure presents climate change adaptation measures in the Baltic Sea Region. 13 case studies of the BaltCICA project focused on specific thematic areas, such as metropolitan planning and adaptation strategies (Hamburg, Tampere, Helsinki and its Metropolitan Region), groundwater and climate change (Hanko, Klaipėda and Falster), the environment (North Vizdeme, Karklė) as well as scenario development and citizen participation (Kalundborg, Riga, Klaipėda, Tampere, Hamburg). The case studies were also used to explore the still relatively unknown costs and benefits of adaptation. New scientific methodologies to increase the participation of stakeholders in adaptation planning were developed and employed. Get the brochure here as pdf or ask for printed copies.

Climate Change Adaptation – involving stakeholders and citizens in decision-making

BaltCICA has published a 10-page magazine and an information video about participatory methods. This includes a description of the scenario workshops and the citizens’ summit organized in Kalundborg.

Best practice examples for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region and North Sea Region
The collection describes shortly best practice examples for coastal protection, settlements, water management and nature conservation. The table style of the document allows a quick overview; for each example references are given for more detailed information. An updated version of the collection is now available
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European Climate Champions
Solutions for integrating climate change into local strategies, online conference 14. - 15.12.2011

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Climate change adaptation options in city planning – Workshop in Tampere

A stakeholder workshop for city planning experts, organized by the BaltCICA teams of City of Tampere and GTK, took place on 18th of October in Tampere. The main purpose of the workshop was to identify risks of climate change and adaptation options in the Tampere case study area, Pyynikki-Epilä esker. 

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3rd International BaltCICA Conference

Conference takes place 18th and 19th January 2012, in Helsinki, Finland. It sets the spotlight on applied climate change adaptation.

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Success stories of local climate change work in the Baltic Sea Region
There are many success stories from cities in the Baltic Sea Region working with climate mitigation and adaptation that should be shared with others for inspiration and ideas.
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Adaptation to Climate Change – Future Visions and Policy Recommendations for the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg

The HafenCity University compiled a documentation of the scenario workshop “Climate change in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg”: " Adaptation to Climate Change – Future Visions and Policy Recommendations for the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg.

Summer School 2010: “Climate Change in the Baltic: From global problems to local adaptation?”
From 6 - 17 Sept 2010, the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemuende (IOW) hosted an international summer school on “Climate Change in the Baltic: From global problems to local adaptation?”.
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Stakeholder seminar in the City of Tampere, April 27th, 2011
An afternoon seminar, organized by the Tampere’s and GTK’s BaltCICA teams, took place April 27th in the City of Tampere. The aim of seminar called “Pyynikki-Epilä esker and the impact of climate change” was to present the BaltCICA Project and Tampere case study and it’s preliminary results to the local expert stakeholders.
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‘Coping with Climate Change’ - 2nd International BaltCICA conference was held in Bergen
The 2nd International BaltCICA conference took place on the 11th and 12th of May 2011 in Bergen, Norway. The conference focused on tools and methods for climate change adaptation measures, strategies for participation and coordination of adaptive action in metropolitan areas and city regions.
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Scenario-Workshop Coastal Tourism within the “Regional Conference on Climate Adaption in Coastal Regions”, Hamburg, Germany
On March 30th and 31st 2011, the workshop "Coastal regions and climate change - a future conflict between tourism, coastal protection and nature conservation?" took place. The workshop aimed at the formulation of first recommended procedures for the coastal tourism sector.
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Two new books on climate change adaptation with BaltCICA contributions
Two new books with focus on climate change, regional adaptation and Baltic coastal zones were recently published with contributions by authors involved in BaltCICA .
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Citizen summit on climate change adaptation in Kalundborg, March 5th, 2011
Saturday the 5th of March 2011, 350 citizens from Kalundborg Municipality attended the citizen summit to debate local climate change adaptation and to prioritize and pass on their recommendations to the City Council of Kalundborg.
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BaltCICA workshop - Tools for adapting to climate change at the local level in Finland
21st of January 2011
Aalto University’s Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (YTK) and Union of Baltic Cities (UBC) organised a workshop that focused on tools for adapting to climate change in late January. Read more

BaltCICA at the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference in Jyväskylä, Finland
BaltCICA participated with a project stand at the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference “The power of the Baltic Sea macro-region" in Jyväskylä, November 30 and December 1. BaltCICA presented posters with information about the case studies in Hamburg and Kalundborg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Also the BaltCICA video about the scenario workshops on climate change adaptation in Kalundborg was presented. Read more

Stakeholder Workshop in the city of Bergen, October 19th, 2010
A stakeholder workshop, organized by the BaltCICA team in cooperation with the city of Bergen, took place on October 19th 2010, in the city of Bergen, on the premises of one of the largest waterworks of Bergen region. The aim of the workshop was twofold: A first aim was make stakeholders in urban development affected by climate change aware of questions relating to economic responsibility, risk and cost. A second aim was to make stakeholders from different sectors discuss among them how they could better cooperate in order to meet the challenges posed by climate change to the built environment. Read more

Adapting to a changing climate in Helsinki Metropolitan Area

In the latest issue of the “Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin” (2/2010) is an article about climate change adaptation in Helsinki Metropolitan Area including an interview with Susanne Kankaanpaa from Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY).

Scenario Workshops in the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg, 2nd and 22nd of June 2010
The scenario workshops of the Metropolitan Region of Hamburg (MRH) took place on 2nd and 22nd of June 2010. Under the entitled topic ”Scenario Workshops for developing housing and space structures in Elbe estuary – Climate Adaptation in the MRH”, the aim of the event was to first raise the awareness among affected stakeholders and second to discuss concrete climate change impacts and, based on that, create adequate adaptation measures and future visions.  Read more

Towards implementation – BaltCICA project meeting in Stockholm
On 12-13  October 2010, Nordregio hosted the 4th BaltCICA project meeting with around 45 participants from all over the Baltic Sea Region - project partners as well as practicioners from the BaltCICA case studies.  Read more

BaltCICA Groundwater workshop in Hanko 21.-22.9.2010

The BaltCICA groundwater workshop was arranged Hanko, 21.-22.9.2010. The aim of this workshop was to learn from each other on groundwater issues with focus on climate change and water supply and on the other hand on groundwater modelling in coastal aquifers of the Baltic Sea. Read more


Colloquium  "Climate Change in cities and city regions- Time to adapt?"
The colloquium „ Climate Change in cities and city regions- Time to adapt?“ took place at the HafenCity University Hamburg, Germany in spring and summer 2010. It  compassed four speeches of climate change experts from national and international institutions and organizations. In order to raise the awareness among affected stakeholders, interested citizens and students, the invited experts introduced recent climate change knowledge as well as good practice examples from other regions and cities. Facing different impacts and therefore challenging different vulnerabilities, the participants gained experience in climate change research, different adaptation measures and forms of climate adaptation governance. Together with the experts, the participants could deepen their knowledge in discussions and informal talks afterwards.   Read more


Call for contribution of external case studies: Book Publication “Climate Change Adaptation – Implementing climate change adaptation strategies in the Baltic Sea Region”
The BaltCICA project will publish a book that on the project’s outcomes and conclusions. The aim of the book is to take the step forward from formulating adaptation strategies towards implementation. The project therefore does not research climate change and then report the results to decision makers, but it counts on the active participation of decision making authorities that are going to assess and implement economically feasible adaptation measures. This kind of regional co-operation with a targeted approach on implementing climate change adaptation in regional development is probably unique. Furthermore the book will include more examples of concrete actions in other regions but the Baltic Sea Region. In addition, it will describe necessary steps and factors of successful implementation reaching from analyzing and assessing climate change impacts, economic cost-benefit analysis, communication processes, creation and transfer of climate adaptation knowledge, governance issues to the implementation of related policies.   Read more


BaltCICA, LongLife, PEA, SPIN and Urb.Energy signed Memorandum of Understanding, 24.6.2010
The projects BaltCICA, LongLife, PEA, SPIN and Urb.Energy in the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 signed a memorandum of understanding in the wake of the LongLife 2010 International Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Read more


New issue of the information magazine ’Meer & Küste’
Authors of the BaltCICA project contributed to the German information magazine „Meer & Küste“. The current issue discusses relevant future changes caused by climate change impacts pointing out problems but also depicting solutions. The authors present concepts of floating houses and give an introduction to cost estimations related to climate change. The magazine is published by EUCC – The Coastal Union Germany and provides tourists, coast dwellers, experts, and all other interested readers with interesting news about the German Baltic coast.    Read more


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List of good practice examples for climate change adaptation

The BaltCICA project is collecting good practice examples for climate change adaptation in the Baltic Sea Region and the North Sea Region. A first version of the list is now available thanks to the work at HafenCity University. The document is going to be updated regularly.   Read more


BaltCICA workshop in Helsinki, 8.6.2010

The Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (Aalto University) organised a BaltCICA workshop in Helsinki on 8th of June that brought together different sectors from three cities in the Metropolitan region. The workshop focused on sea level rise as a consequence of climate change and to what extent it poses a threat to the Metropolitan region. Stakeholders also discussed future scenarios for the region, and outlined visions for the region in 2100.   Read more

Information for climate change adaptation

Within the BaltCICA project several case studies prepared information and reports to inform the climate change adaptation process. Read more


BaltCICA scenario workshop video

BaltCICA presents a video about the scenario workshops in the Kalundborg case study in Denmark. Members of the project consortium are currently preparing scenario workshops for the Hamburg Metropolitan Area and the Lithuanian case studies. Based on the knowledge and experience gained in Kalundborg, the approach is translated and adjusted to the needs of the local conditions in Hamburg and Lithuania. Read more


Progress in the BaltCICA case study area in Kalundborg

GEUS produced calculations that describes the consequences of the increasing precipitation and rising sea level in the case area. Kalundborg Municipality and The Danish Board of Technology hosted a two-day scenario workshop that presented local stakeholders to different future scenarios and allowed the stakeholders to develop different visions of how to deal with climate change in the future. Read more


Conceptual Framework for BaltCICA

BaltCICA presents its conceptual framework. The model "A general setup for adaptation foresight" depicts the key elements of the Common methodological approach in BaltCICA. The purpose of the model is to aid the processes in the various participating cities and regions, and to ensure comparability. Read more


New BaltCICA Document: “Governance of Climate Change Adaptation: Policy Review”

Climate change adaptation is considered an important policy goal within the European Union with majority of the Member States now formulating their adaptation policies. This policy review focuses on adaptation policy and strategies within the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), paying particular attention to the project member countries of the Climate Change: Impacts, Costs and Adaptation (BaltCICA) project. Read more


1st International BaltCICA Conference
The 1st International BaltCICA Conference “Climate changes – from recognition to adaptation” was held in Kalundborg, Denmark, the 26th and 27th of January 2010. It gathered more than seventy persons. Half of them were project partners, and the other half was mainly made up of local and regional administration representatives and scientists. Let us also note the presence of Pan Baltic organization representatives and of interested public.. Read more


EUCC-D Stakeholder Workshop in Rostock-Warnemünde (6th October 2009)
EUCC-Germany is committed to develop concrete adaptation measures for the German Baltic tourism. Therefore, public relations plus a regional photo competition on the topic of climate change were put into practice. Read more


Governance Workshop Hamburg
The first Governance Workshop was hosted by the HafenCity University Hamburg and took place on the 20/21 October 2009. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss the general understanding of the term governance within the project and to find a common framework for all included case studies. Read more


Cost Assessment Workshop at PIK in Potsdam
The first workshop held by PIK took place on 22.10.2009 and 23.10.2009 in Potsdam Pappelallee. The topic was cost assessment with special consideration of floods and climate change. Read more


Project meeting, Riga, 2-3.09 2009

The second BaltCICA project meeting in Riga yielded substantial progress for the internal cooperation within the project as well as for ensuring the mainstreaming of local approaches. Most of the partner institutions were represented. The total amount of participants amounted to 45. Read more


EU WHITE PAPER Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action - How the BaltCICA project is already addressing relevant issues

The White Paper ”Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action”, issued by the European Commission April 1st, 2009, sets the frame for a concise European framework on climate change adaptation. white paper adaptation Read more


BaltCICA kick-off meeting, Tallinn

The transnational cooperation of the BaltCICA project commenced with a successful head start at the kick off meeting in Tallinn on the 4th and 5th of February 2009.

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BaltCICA information leaflet now available

A BaltCICA information leaflet is now available printed and as pdf-file for download. The leaflet presents key information about the project. Read more


GTK to lead BaltCICA Project in Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013

Changes in the occurrence of floods and sea level rise caused by climate change as well as impacts on water availability and quality can be expected to become imminent as many larger cities and population areas are concentrated in the coastal areas of the Baltic Sea Region. Read more