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Latvia - Case study area North Vidzeme Biosphere reserve

The coastal area of the Gulf of Riga and River Salaca Catchment area within the North Vidzeme Biosphere reserve has been chosen as case study area because it reveals the complexity of climate change and human interaction as it is typical for the Baltic Republics.


Map with Location of Case study

Map with Location of Case study


The North Vidzeme Biosphere reserve comprising 6% of the territory of the country, contains one tenth of the country’s marine zone which comprises sandy beaches, coastal  dunes and meadows,  a number of salmonid rivers entering into the sea. River Salaca  is defined as the the 4th most productive wild salmon spawning river in the whole area of the Baltics.


There are about 80000 inhabitants residing within the area. The area is intersected by international highway connecting Riga with Tallinn and further with Helsinki, thus giving additional opportunities as well risks to face and mitigate climate change impacts in a proper and innovative way.


Main tasks


North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve administration (NVBR) shall actively develop dialoque with coastal municipality politicians and stakeholders to take climate change into account while carrying out spatial planning at local level. Possible adaptation options will be developed and appraised, their implementation will be initiated  with particular focus to coastal erosion, flooding, water quality and  water availability.


NVBR will extend allready established Voluntary public monitoring scheme with special  attention to voluntary public monitoring  of coastal erosion impact, flooding, water availability and quality monitoring as well to practical mitigation activities in riverine ecosystems


NVBR will facilitate development of  Local public Support and awareness groups stressing and implementing CC adaptation issues in at least 5 municipalities. 


NVBR will develop Interactive Climate Change Adaptation exhibition  with transferrable part translated in English and suitable for display in all Partners premises highlighting best CC adaptation practices of the Project.


NVBR will carry out scenario workshops on climate change adaptation, specifying them to local conditions will be carried out in a number of workshops.


The NVBR  with its pilot case will contribute  to the local and regional implementation of the EU flood directive.

Eutrophication intensified by climate changes blocks former Salmonid river


Voluntaries assists to improve  water quality and minimise flooding/erosion  risks. Enlarge

Coastal erosion incurred by storm surges.