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Case Studies

The BaltCICA project fosters the capability to deal with the impacts of climate change at those levels, where concrete adaptation measures (1) have to be implemented and (2) are visible/tangible for the population. Adaptation measurements will be developed in cooperation with local authorities and administrative bodies and will be discussed with other stakeholders. The project aims at transferring successful methods of development and implementation of adaptation measures from pilot studies to other case studies facing similar problems. A common conceptual framework is applied to aid the processes in the various participating cities and regions, and to ensure comparability. All together 13 case studies in the Baltic Sea Region are part of the project.

Steps of the Conceptual Framework

BaltCICA Case Studies Map Klaipeda Disctrict Area Klaipeda City Area North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve West Estonian coast Tampere Hanko Bergen Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council Hamburg Metropolitan Region Falster


Case Studies Map


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